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Giving every school child an opportunty to participate and swim for their school!


Ulster Secondary Schools Championships


The Ulster Secondary Schools championships 


Date: 5th/6th February 2016

Venue: Ballymena leisure centre


Senior warm up: Friday 5th February 6:00pm


Junior warm up: Saturday 6th February 8:30am


Intermediate warm up: Saturday 6th February 2:00pm (very approximate time only)


Intermediate relays will be the first events in the intermediate programme, allowing uniors who are swimming up to leave once the relays are finished. please note that juniors swimming up may only swim in one age band, (ie: juniors cannot swim junior relays and then swim up into intermediate relays).


Those wishing to be considered for the Tenerife (juniors) and the Scotland (intermediates & seniors) trips 2016 must complete a form on the day, selection for these two trips will only be taken from completed forms on the day.


We are really looking forward to another brilliant seconday schools championships this weekend, your help as timekeepers etc is always welcome so please help us when it is announced, this helps us to run the gala smoothly and on time.


Just as a reminder its what age the swimmer is on the 1/7/16 that decides what age band they swim in


Juniors 11-14

Intermediates 15-16

Seniors 17 and over


Entry list above



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